The "sax" man.

December 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

These portraits are a tribute to my father, "the sax man", who turns 75 years old today.   I invited him to my studio and told him to bring his sax so I could capture the man who has the most amazing natural talent with this gift!  Self taught, he has played since he was a young boy, it is just one of the things I love the most about my Dad because, as you can see in the first photo, it makes him so happy. I played "big band" music in the background during the session, it was perfect.  The second photo, the close-up of his hands shows off his age and that turquoise ring he always wears.

The sound of his horn when he plays, trust me, is mesmerizing.  When your gift to the world sounds like that, you want to listen forever.

This next image, with his cowboy hat......takes me back to the days when he taught me how to country dance......something I love to do!

Dad, Happy 75th Birthday! I am sure I don't say it enough but I am so very grateful to call you my Father, I love you so much!